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Motivational Speaker JULIUS MAGIC  Jacksonville, FL

Julius Magic delivers motivational speeches, keynote addresses,

leadership development programs, sales coaching and training workshops, communication seminars, corporate magic entertainment and team building events that are interactive, engaging and easy to set up.

Look great!
Feel relaxed.
Have no worries.
Get the most value.
Keep your guests laughing.
Make your event memorable.
Enjoy a remarkable experience.
Create jaw-dropping moments.


In the above video, motivational speaker Julius Magic in Jacksonville, FL kicks off a
leadership development program with an inspiring
keynote address
See Julius engage his audience with fun
team building activities,
leadership development exercises, and interactive demonstrations of magic
Motivational Keynote Speaker

To create a remarkable event experience for you and your guests, Julius Magic will synergize your group's talents, engage your audience members with interactive discussions and team-building activities, and mesmerize them with amazing, mystifying demonstrations of magic.

Julius will entertain, inspire and educate your group while incorporating close-up magical illusions into your program to visually demonstrate concepts, to illuminate ideas and to create a sense of "wonder" and "astonishment" for your honored guests.

He uses humor, audience participation, team building activities, leadership development exercises, music, magic, and even dance to share your messages in an appropriate, memorable & fun way.

As your keynote speaker, Julius will establish the theme for your event, capture the essence of the meeting and communicate it effectively.  Julius will spend the time to learn your goals and objectives and then he will research your industry, your issues, and your audience.

As your motivational speaker, coach or trainer, he can touch your audience's hearts, teach them valuable insights, and help boost their levels of engagement, morale and well-being.

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