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Mingling, Strolling, & Walk around Magic

Everyone knows magician JULIUS MAGIC as one of the top corporate magicians in Jacksonville, FL. 

JULIUS MAGIC will mingle with & entertain your guests with clean, hilarious, interactive close up mingling magic to small groups of people at a time.  Performed in the magician's or guests hands, this type of performing is most suitable for events where there is not a specific performing area such as a reception or cocktail party and involves audience participation.

A clean, funny, likable, and professional corporate entertainer like magician Julius Magic is a great idea for your corporate event or business function.

He will keep your guests and audience laughing, create jaw-dropping moments, make your event more memorable, and allow everyone to enjoy a remarkable event experience.

You'll have no worries;  you'll feel relaxed and look great for hiring magician Julius Magic!

More Types of Magic Performance

Close-Up Magic - Sleight-of-hand magic, also known as prestidigitation ("quick fingers") or l├ęger de main (Fr., "lightness of hand") to secretly manipulate small objects such as sponge balls, cards and coins.  A magician  performs close-up magic in an intimate setting usually no more than a ten-foot (three-meter) distance from the audience with the party guests all around him.   The magic happens right in front of you "in your hands."  This performance is best for relatively small groups of people.  Sleight of hand magic is intended for more intimate environments.   Perfect for kids and adult birthdays, receptions, cocktail or dinner parties, trade shows, hospitality suites and restaurants.  The magic involves colorful silk handkerchiefs, money, ropes, rings, coins, cards and other small objects.

Table Magic -  Performed on a table with the audience in front.   This type of performance is not limited to magic that must be performed solely "in the hands" because props can rest on the magicians table or pad.  This performance is also best for a relatively small group of people. Sleight of hand magic is intended for more intimate environments.  Perfect for birthdays, receptions, cocktail or dinner parties, trade shows, hospitality suites and restaurants. Magic involves coins, cards and other small objects.

Stand-Up Magic -  Performed while standing in front of the entire audience.   This type of performance is suitable for either a small group, or with proper staging (lights, microphone, etc.), the audience can consist of several hundred people.  This act features comedy and audience participation and it is particularly appropriate for large parties and banquets.   Perfect for private parties, trade shows, banquets, conventions and corporate entertainment.