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Wedding Reception Magic

Dear Bride and Groom To Be,

Congratulations, you're getting married!  Putting together a memorable wedding that runs smoothly is tough work!

We recommend choosing excellent reception entertainment.  The thing they remember the most about a reception, besides their wonderful friends or family who are getting married, is the entertainment.  Wedding guests love to experience magic & mind reading close up and personal.

Whether I roam through the crowd, or set up in a convenient location for everyone, they'll witness state of the art magic presentations inches away from them at all times.  This entertainment is the ideal ice-breaker for cocktail hours, and brings both families together right away!

Just think of the importance of getting your guests talking and laughing, especially while wedding photos are being taken.   

Magic entertainment allows you to capture great pictures and video and create wonderful lifetime memories of your special day!  Your audience will remember their amazement long after other details of the affair, such as the food or music, etc., are forgotten.  People go crazy over this intimate magic & mind reading, and many enjoy watching it for hours at a time, thus easing your stress.

I choose the best effects for each group. This way you can relax and enjoy your guests, knowing that your friends and relatives are all entertained, thus making your special day much more pleasant & stress free! 

For weddings, I perform a walk around style, allowing me to cover large or small areas or groups.  The entertainment perfectly complements other more important aspects of your affair!  So, if you're having a smaller affair, wedding reception or rehearsal dinner and want to really bring everything together, you can also have me perform a brief, thoroughly enjoyable, "stand-up" magic show for your occasion.

Your audience will smile and be amazed as they witness colorful, lively magic and illusions and great audience participation.
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